Monday, March 15, 2010

Park City

We drove just a half hour east of Salt Lake City to visit the
ski town of Park City. It's a nice little town, but definitely
set up for the ski industry. It was originally a mining town,
but when the mines closed, the skiing moved in. Now there
are lots of little shops, restaurants, bars, etc. all set up to
cater to the tourists.

On our way out of town, we visited the Utah Olympic Park.
Park City was host to most of the skiing and outdoor events
during the 2002 Winter Olympics and they have a small museum
and park where several of the events took place, to commemorate
the event.

It's a fun museum, with lots of interactive displays, including this

I was amazed how heavy a curling stone is...42 pounds!

We got to send emails to ourselves as ski-jumpers!

I think I would have been a lot more scared looking if I had gone
down the real ski jump, which is located just outside the museum.
Very Steep!

The Bobsled and Luge facilities are also located here. No chance to
take a ride on this...not sure I would want to anyway. Looks kinda

We had a great time in Park City and the Olympic Park was a lot of
fun and much more than we expected!


Anonymous said...

hey I was in Grand Junction the other day, maybe I should have gotten a hold of you. That would have been fun to go lunch.

In other words....WTF?

You're in park city and you don't try to get a hold of me. I live 20 minutes from Park City?

Tom = Fail.


carrie said...

really, tom? you're flying through the air a hundred feet or so off the ground, hoping that you'll land upright on your skis and you look that calm and collected? i don't believe you at all.