Monday, March 08, 2010

Rock Slide Closes Interstate 70

A large rock slide has closed a 17 mile stretch of Interstate 70
between Glenwood Springs and Dotsero (Glenwood Canyon).
Approximately 20 boulders, ranging in size from three to ten
feet in diameter, including one that weighs an estimated 66 tons
fell on a hundred yard long stretch of the highway. Because of
the possibility of other falling rocks and gaping holes in the
pavement, it's not known when the road will be opened.
Because this is the most direct route from Grand Junction to
Denver, drivers will need to follow US 40 through Steamboat
Springs to get extra 200 miles added onto the drive!
The authorities hope to evaluate later in the day when the
highway can be re-opened.


IowaMouse said...

I'm sympathetic. During the floods here, with water over I80 we had to take a 247 mile detour to get from Davenport to Des Moines. Added several hours to a 2 hour trip. Hopefully they'll get it cleaned up quickly.....

carrie said...

Could you please have them take care of that before April 25th when I'll be coming through? Thanks. (or at least keep me posted :)