Thursday, March 11, 2010

Single Lanes Open on I-70

Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon was opened Thursday afternoon
to one lane of travel in each direction. The speed limit through the
area has been reduced to 40 mph and loads more than 14 feet wide
are prohibited. The state is currently working to hire a contractor to
make permanent repairs. The repairs are expected to take months to
complete and traffic through Glenwood Canyon will be restricted to
one lane in each direction until the repairs are completed.


Jude said...

It seemed as though the canyon was closed much longer than just 3 days. We had to reschedule soccer games at my high school so Vail wouldn't have to travel to Steamboat to get to the other side of Glenwood. Have you hiked to Hanging Lake yet? My favorite week to make the hike is the first week in June because there's more water then and Spouting Rock is amazing. The hike is well worth the trip.

Unknown said...

I haven't hiked it yet, but it might happen this summer