Friday, April 30, 2010

1633 N. 7th Street?

I was busy working on some things at the kitchen table when
I saw a woman walk past our window and a few moments later,
she knocked on the door. Typically, we don't get a lot of
people visiting us. The Mail delivery person is usually the only
person that visits on a regular basis. So I walked over to the
door, opened it, and immediately noticed that she had a
Census identification badge on her person. I told her, "oh,
my wife already sent in our form". "Oh we know that", she
said...which immediately made me feel a bit creepy, that
this random stranger knew about our census report, but
what the heck...what did she want??? She was looking for
1633 N. 7th Street. Now, we live at 1639 N. 7th Street, and
our next door neighbor, Jim lives at 1623 N. 7th Street.
I explained I had no idea where this address was since there
isn't some invisible house between the two addresses and
she looked confused and left, telling me she would have to
delete this address from her records. After she left, I
couldn't help thinking of Harry Potter and Platform 9¾ at
King's Cross station or Diagon Alley. Places that only
exist to the Wizarding World, and not visible to us
Muggles! Maybe I need to investigate this 1633 N. 7th Street
more closely!


Jude said...

Dude, should you publish your address on the internet? I realize that privacy is an illusion, as witnessed by the census worker visiting in the first place, but still...

Unknown said...

If one of the 22 people that seem to read my blog each day want to stop by, I'll be happy to throw some coffee on. Since I can look online and find my name and address on something as easy as the Mesa County website or in the phone book anyway...

Lori Murray said...

One of these days I'll stop in for coffee :-)

Jude said...

I'd be too shy to stop by for coffee even though I only live 60 miles away. I thought you might like this autumn post from the Christchurch Daily Photo blog: