Friday, June 11, 2010

Farmer's Market Begins

Thursday evening, the 2010 version of the American National
Bank Downtown Farmers’ Market Festival in Grand Junction
began and we made our way down to Main Street to check it
out. Apparently, half of the Grand Valley did as well as I've
never seen it busier. It took a while to find a parking place
but eventually we joined the throngs and saw most of the
usual vendors there from years past. It seems (especially
this early in the season that "Farmer's Market" is pretty much
in name only as there were a lot of vendors and booths, but
only a few selling actual fresh fruits and vegetables. That,
of course, will increase over the course of the summer. In
the meantime, it was interesting to see all of the people
attending. On a high note, many businesses along Main Street
had later hours and we ducked into the Heirlooms for Hospice
store. Lynn found a couple really old knitting books at a
really low price. With that, we deemed the evening a great

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