Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a Beta Tester

I've been receiving AFAR Magazine the last few months and it's
one of the few travel magazines that I feel caters to the average
traveler. Not necessarily the traveler that only gets two weeks
of vacation a year, or the traveler that can stay in Five Star hotels
in really expensive places...but the traveler that likes to explore
different cultures and visit off the beaten track places while
maintaining a sense of budget.
A few months ago, I read on the AFAR Media website the following:
"we're looking for an elite group of well-traveled, curious people
who are willing to help us test the site before we roll it out to the
public". I applied to be Beta Tester of their new social network
called AFAR Connect, and yesterday, I received this email:

Hello Tom!

A little while ago, you applied to be a beta tester for AFAR Connect,
the new social network from AFAR Media. AFAR Connect brings
global citizens like you together with locals and fellow travelers
who can give you customized information about the places you
want to visit.

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve chosen you for the private
beta program. We’ve had thousands of applications, and we’re inviting
only the people who we think best represent the AFAR mindset: people
who want to connect with the authentic essence of a place and its people.

Keep an eye on your email. In roughly a month, we’ll send you all
the information you need to start using AFAR Connect.

Thanks again for taking the time to apply, and we look forward to
meeting you on AFAR Connect.

Eric Hill
Senior Designer and Product Manager, AFAR Connect

In the next few months, I'll be beta testing their new product. I'll let you
know what I think.

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