Monday, August 23, 2010

Caboose Hobbies

While in Denver, we stopped by Caboose Hobbies, which bills itself as
model train people, but we enjoy going there to see all of the pretty cool
train set ups. Our favorite is "Jonstown" which is hugely detailed.
"Downtown", a truck carrying 17 chimpanzees has had an accident and
we're challenged to find all of them throughout town. We've found them
all in the past, but this time, we failed to find them all after lots and
lots of intense looking! This store has to be Valhalla for the model train
fan as there are aisle after aisle of parts, train sets, accessories, etc.
If you're ever on Broadway in Denver, it's a fun spot to visit whether
you build model trains or not.


Benjamin said...

Great photo of Lynn!

W. Magnall said...

Caboose Hobbies is definitely well-known in the model railway hobby! The huge store is a Mecca for any hobbyist passing within a few hundred miles.
I have to find a way to get sent to Denver on business...