Monday, September 13, 2010

Ben Would Not Be Pleased

Ben is one my most loyal readers. Of course he would not be happy
with this blog entry. Over the past four years, we've been in communication
with the baseball coach at Grand Junction High. Our house is immediately
down the left field line of Fanning Field. If we get a window broken, the
school will pay for it. Although no broken windows, we've had a number
of balls land in our yard. Long story short, the head coach offered me a
varsity cap earlier in the summer and today I picked it up. Why would Ben
be unhappy? Because Ben went to Central High (GJHS' rival) and that's just
how Ben is!

1 comment:

Benjamin said...

"On ye warriors, on ye warriors, march on down that line..."

Damn straight, I am pissed.

However, never look a gift hat in the colors, I say. That was certainly nice of them to give you a hat. And I like that they named their field after what they do so often at the plate.