Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Transient Room

I received good news when I arrived that I will be able
to move into the room that Lynn and I have resided in
for many years. However, our friend Ben is still in the
room and until he leaves, I'm stuck in a "Transient" room
in Building 155. It has it's pluses since I can go to the
Galley any time I want to get tea. Plus, since I came in
on the first flight, I'm the only one in the room with four
other empty beds. but it's negatives far outweigh the
positives. It's truly depressing as there are no windows
and if I'm here much longer, there will be many more people
sharing the room with me. Adding in the fact that the
rooms in B-155 don't have their own bathroom and you have
to walk down the hall to use the facilities...not a pretty


Jude said...

Ah, but look at how that blue sleeping bag (or is that a comforter?)brightens the room. It's our first gloomy day in western Colorado after way too many absolutely beautiful autumn days.

Unknown said...

We're both slightly homesick for the Western Slope...only 5+ months til we're home!

Benjamin said...

Sorry, that I was camped out in your room for so log Tom. Hopefully, you two are comfy now.

Unknown said...

oh, it was no problem Ben. You staying in the room helped us immensely!