Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photos From CTAM

My friend Jake, who is a baker by trade, is the cook
this year at CTAM and he sent me these photos of the
camp. CTAM (Central Trans Antarctic Mountains) is a
camp on the Beardmore Glacier, about an hour and a half
flight south of McMurdo. Jake will be getting a more
solid structure to cook in soon, but for the first few
days, it was pretty rough.

From what I hear, CTAM is a beautiful place, literally
on top of the Beardmore Glacier, surrounded by mountains.
Beardmore is one of the largest glaciers in the world
(over a hundred miles in length) and the camp is placed
on hundreds of feet of snow and ice.

The runway on Beardmore can be accessed by LC-130s, Baslers
and Twin Otters. Here a LC-130 has just touched down. Later
there will be helicopters based here that will be flying to small
camps and science locations nearby.

Most of the folks staying there are living in tents like these.
It looks pretty blustery!

Other structures are going up though. At it's peak, later this
season, CTAM will be home for about 65 people.

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Anonymous said...

It's my dream to be on a venture like this. I totally agree, CTAM is a beautiful place. I love the photos you got there. Keep posting!