Monday, December 27, 2010

In Your Pocket

A few years ago, we were traveling through Eastern
Europe when I stumbled upon a small publication called
In Your Pocket. This was the perfect little publication for
almost everything we needed for our few days in Prague,
and just by leafing through it, I immediately wanted to
find copies when we arrived in Bucharest and Krakow.
Found in bookstores, the guides mostly cover places in
Eastern and Central Europe, but they are spreading through
other parts of Europe now as well. Of course there are some
quirky adds that are easily skimmed over, but in general there
is a lot of good information (in English) for even the most
casual traveler about tourist sites, places to stay, restaurants,
transportation options, etc. You can now download .pdf
versions of their guides (updated either monthly, bi-monthly
or quarterly...unlike the typical travel book) that you should
be able to place on your Kindle, and even a iPhone downloadable
option. Is it worth getting rid of your trusted guide book? No,
probably not. However, it makes a great up-to-date companion
to it, and travel companies featuring guide books for the area
should sit up and take notice!

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dani said...

hey there sunshine....are you foreshadowing or what....loved that you chose zagreb in your pocket....i should have one available for you when you arrive....any more thoughts of timing???? i am traveling a bit come the second part of this at the end of january, iceland and london in february, romania and possibly scotalnd in april (maybe italy too), and then at the end of my stint i am hoping for a roadtrip to macedonia and montenegro....keep me posted about when and where you are thinking for traveling.....big hugs and happy new year form bangkok :)