Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday morning I was attending one of our typical
Monday morning safety meetings. It was about stretching,
keeping limber, etc. Since I'm not the most flexible
person in the world, for some reason I found this
meeting very stressful. Toward the end of the meeting
the RPSC Safety Manager asked me to come forward. I'm
thinking "oh great, they're going to ask me to bend or
contort some way that I can't possibly do...how embarrasing!"
Instead, much to my surprise, I was presented with a
FROST (Friends Recognizing Others Safe Trends) Award.
I had been nominated because of suggestions I've made to
station management about safety, being on the Safety
Committee over the years, spreading fines so people don't
hurt themselves and being a proponent of the stairway
leading up to Building 140. Very cool indeed! I received
this very limited awesome patch (see photo), a new Nalgene
water bottle and $5 in Safety Bucks to spend in the store.
I guess being safe down here all of these years has paid

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