Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Today, I celebrated Earth Day by taking our recyclables to the
recycling center here in Grand Junction. We've been recycling
for years, probably influenced the most by all the recycling we
have to do on the Ice in Antarctica. Here, there aren't quite as
many categories as at McMurdo, but there are still lots of different
choices and we're doing our best to make sure the landfills don't
fill any quicker than they have to.

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Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon! We've been recycling since way before Antarctica. Remember the sad recycling center in Estes Park? Personally, I'm proud to say I've been recycling since 1982. My influence was an awareness of bio hazard and radiation from my x-ray days. I'm thrilled to see so many people NOT throw away stuff. We've made great progress with so many folks recycling these days. But there's more we ca do. Yay for Earth Day!