Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I saw one of these at the store the other day. At first, I thought it
was a good idea for Hershey's to sell such a product as it represents
the true meaning of Easter. I mean, what does a rabbit have to do
with Easter anyway, and how does it get the eggs? Rabbits don't
lay eggs the last time I checked. However, I got thinking about the
deliciously sweet cross again and now I'm not so sure. There aren't
any chocolate manger scenes at Christmas, no Angel of Death
chocolate kisses for Passover and certainly no special chocolate
to engorge oneself on for Ramadan (that would actually be defeating
the whole purpose of the holiday, wouldn't it?). I can't wait for lotus
blossom-shaped chocolates for Buddhists and multi-armed blueberry
flavored Vishnus for Hindus!. So why chocolate crosses? I guess it's a
trend to get American consumers to buy buy buy.

We should remember, that Easter really celebrates the resurrection of
Jesus and it, and all other religious holidays, no matter the religion,
should probably be devoid of commercialism.


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Colorado Springs Shades said...

You got that right! Sellers, manufacturers, have to keep in trend with the season. They always have this "gimmick" "marketing plan" to introduce their product or get people to buy it so why not a Hershey's Chocolate Cross for Easter?

Michelle said...

Years agao at Christmas I we were given a chocolate nativity scene. It was easy to eat it all except for baby Jesus. None of could bring ourselves to eat him. We also couldn't toss in the trash or melt him down. That piece of chocolate stayed in the cupboard at my parents house for years. I don't know whatever happened to it. But it must have stayed in there for at leasta 5 years.