Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mesa State Expanding

photo courtesy Daily Sentinel
Mesa State College (soon Colorado Mesa University) announced today
that they have approved a 25 year plan to expand the physical borders
of the College. This includes buying 214 residential lots, 21 commercial
lots and two churches between Cannell Avenue and Seventh Street and
between North Avenue and Orchard Avenue. Since we live on Seventh
Street between Orchard and North, this would seemingly affect us a bit.
We live across the street on Seventh, so we wouldn't be purchased, but
the College would be directly across the street from us. This is all to
take place by 2031. In 2031 I'll be 66 years old, but we're not sure what
this will do to property values. I guess we'll just have to wait and see
what will happen, but it will definitely look different in the neighborhood
with all of the houses across the street missing, replaced by college

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