Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our Day Trip to Salt Lake

This time of year, it's easier for us to drive the 4+ hours to
Salt Lake City then it is to drive the same length of time to
Denver since we don't have to go over the mountains. It's a
long day trip, but not overly taxing as it' broken up in two halves.
It's a beautiful drive, with 2/3 of the trip through desert, very similar
to that around our house. The roads are good and not crowded
and the last third of the trip has beautiful views of the snow
covered (this time of year) Wasatch Mountains that are really
close to the city. Of course we made our obligatory stop for
lunch at the In-N-Out Burger in American Fork. I don't
think I'll need to go back for a while since I probably ate
enough food to last a couple of weeks!

Since we're still trying to find a few last things to spruce up our
house this spring, going to Salt Lake City works out well since
it's also the location of the nearest IKEA (actually in Draper) to
our house. We visited an IKEA store a couple of years ago in
Tempe and we decided then that when we wanted to get some
items for our house, we'd make the trip to IKEA. IKEA is known
for its inexpensive furniture and we found exactly what we were
looking for. As fun as it is to shop there, three hours later, I was
pretty tired of shopping at IKEA.

On our way out of town, we stopped by a new grocery store that
we like. It's called Sunflower Farmer's Market. There are locations
in Colorado, but not in Grand Junction. Half the store is filled with
fresh produce and they have a huge bulk food section. We stocked
up on some healthy food to take home and the next four hours
were spent enjoying the pretty drive home.


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Lori Murray said...

I like IKEA, though I have to go to Seattle to shop at one.