Friday, April 08, 2011

Will Lynn Get Her Stuff Back?

The earthquake happened in Christchurch on February 22nd, and lots of
folks would like to get their items back that they had to leave in their
hotels. Lynn was one of those people and we really understand that it
is dangerous to go into some of these buildings. In fact, we're prepared
that she may not get her stuff back at all. However, I guess we'd like
to know either way. So for right now, it is resting comfortably in the
All Seasons Cashel hotel, in a room very similar to the photo I've posted
above. I posed the question on Facebook if anyone had heard
anything about luggage being returned. I received several notes
back. The latest from Bill S. being the most encouraging. Apparently
it is being addressed by the head of RPSC (the company we work with
on the Ice. There is "a plan in place to retrieve these will be
a month or more..." Below is an article recently posted in the Christchurch
Press newspaper.

A logistical nightmare looms for Christchurch hotels as they try to reunite
thousands of overseas visitors with personal possessions abandoned when
the February 22 earthquake struck.

The tourists fled the city immediately and many had no option but to leave
their belongings behind in hotel rooms in the badly damaged CBD.

They are now getting tired of waiting for their property to be shipped home.

The Hotel Council's Bruce Garrett said hoteliers had been working closely
with the authorities to get access so they could retrieve luggage and personal
items, but so far most hotels were off-limits to all but engineers and Civil

That situation was expected to change shortly and as soon as access was
granted, work would begin on the enormous task of clearing hotel rooms of the p
of the personal items left behind.

There had been a flood of inquiries from people overseas wanting their
belongings back and some were becoming frustrated by the length of time
it was taking

"People have been understanding of the circumstances, but their patience is
starting to run out," Garrett said.

"It's difficult for them to comprehend what is involved in getting in and getting
their luggage out.

"They can't understand why we can't just go in and get it."

In some cases, cranes would be needed to get to hotel rooms, but it seemed
possible all personal belongings would be retrieved.

Garrett said who then paid to have the items shipped back to their owners
was still being discussed.

"It's not something most insurance policies would cover," he said.

It had been suggested that Tourism New Zealand could pick up the tab as
a public relations exercise, but the agency did not have a budget for that.

This seems encouraging and we are keeping our fingers crossed.


Jude said...

The Christchurch daily photo blog has had several photos of the city. Today's was of a lonely Teddy bear. Anyway, you might want to check it out.

Benjamin said...

I love how the mirror makes the room look much bigger than it really is. I am hopeful that Lynn will get her stuff back.

YoYoasia said...

The room looks so bright and modern. cool!

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Lori Murray said...

I hope she gets her stuff back. But I hope no one gets hurt getting out of that damaged hotel.