Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to Wisconsin

I like Wisconsin. It seems very green somehow. Lots of trees, lots
of meadows for cows, lots of farms, etc. etc. I spent quite a bit of time
here as a kid, on vacations and traveling through to other places and
it holds a special place for me, so it's always fun to drive through.

We spent the night in Madison. If I had to live back in the Midwest,
Madison would be a place we would consider to be. It's the home of
the University of Wisconsin, has lots of culture and...A TRADER JOE'S!
We LOVE Trader Joes and this one did not disappoint. Maybe a bit
smaller than others, but we stocked up on all of our favorites, including
my favorite coffee and other items that are hard to get anywhere else.

I think the next time we come through this way, we'll spend a couple
of days instead of just a night. It's a place we'd like to see more of.

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