Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're Number Five!!!

An infamous "newspaper" on the east coast that shall not be named
recently listed the ten safest cities to live to avoid a natural disaster.
No surprise to me, Grand Junction finished Number 5 in the nation.
We basically have no disastrous weather. No tornadoes, no hurricanes,
no major droughts, no floods, no wildfires, no huge snowstorms.
Zip, zilch, none. What does surprise me however, is that we are rated
as low as fifth and that the rest of the top ten are all located in the
Pacific Northwest. The "newspaper" states that things like earthquakes
aren't taken into account since they don't happen more frequently.
Uh...last time I checked, the NW was on the Ring of Fire, which has
had a LOT of earthquake activity lately, let alone the risk of volcanoes
in the Cascades and tsunamis. Realistically, those are pretty big deals.
Actually...We're Number One!!!

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