Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Las Conchas Fire

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

We've been keeping an eye on the Las Conchas Fire, in Northern
New Mexico. Just over ten years ago we worked at Rocky Flats
Environmental Technology Site near Golden, Colorado. The
company we worked for had jobs at the Los Alamos National
Laboratory doing similar work to what we were doing at Rocky
Flats. We love the area and had been nearby many times. We
hadn't been to Los Alamos before though so we checked it out.
Earlier that year, Los Alamos had suffered from the devastating
Cerro Grande fire which burned 48,000 acres, including 400
homes. We witnessed the horrible aftermath as we drove around
the area. We decided not to pursue the jobs at LANL, which
would have deemed a move to the small town of Los Alamos
a necessity. We eventually left Rocky Flats and began to work
in Antarctica. However, if we had pursued those jobs, we might
be living in Los Alamos today. As of this evening, the fire is
90,000 acres and the entire town has been evacuated. It's a
very sad time for the local residents as the fire is still only 3%
contained. Please keep the residents of the area in your thoughts
and prayers.

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