Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coffee in Boise

We had every intention of doing our usual grab everything and drive
out of town quickly, heading to our next destination. However, Lynn's
sister Kristi, called ahead to Thomas Hammer Coffee in downtown Boise
and bought us a credit for coffee. Good coffee, friendly baristas...I give
it a good review.

Since we went downtown, and away from the highway, we also decided to grab
some breakfast. Tripadvisor (which I trust emphatically) suggested Goldy's as
a great place to eat. I have been eating bad, institutional quiche for so long on
the Ice, I had almost forgotten what good quiche tasted like. Really tasty and
good coffee too. I thought the folks at Thomas Hammer were a bit friendlier,
but overall, a good experience at Goldy's as well.

I'm sure there are dozens more good (and not so good) coffee places we didn't
visit in Boise, but these two represented the city well. Maybe we'll hit the others
next time.

1 comment:

Benjamin said...

Goldy's is great. Loved that place. There are some good restaurants in the Basque section as well. I preferred Flying M coffee as it was less corporate and had more of a local vibe.