Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fruita Farmers Market

Yesterday, we made the short drive to Fruita, Colorado to visit their
weekly Farmers Market. Although there wasn't a lot of produce because
it's still early in the growing season, it was a lot less crowded than our
more local Market in Grand Junction and is held on the weekend instead
of Thursday evening. The people were really friendly, some good music
was being played by Huey Plumleigh and everything had a good, laid back
feel. We didn't end up buying anything, but Lynn had a good time looking
at the products that two different alpaca farms were offering, and it was
fun to see two of the alpacas here at the market. After we left the market,
we strolled on the main street of Fruita and ended up at Aspen Street Coffee.
My goal at the beginning of the summer was to try more local coffee houses
and I really liked this place. Good coffee, roasted by Colorado Legacy
Coffee, friendly helpful baristas and really clean. Lots of neat historic photos
of Fruita on the wall as well. I'm pretty sure we'll go back some day. We
capped off the morning by stopping at the new Fruita Library for some
DVDs. One doesn't always have to go a long way to check out new things.
Sometimes, they can be in your own neighborhood!


Benjamin said...

Glad to see other people supporting the local shops and shunning the Starschmucks of the world.

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