Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mesa County Fair

We visited the Mesa County Fair this morning. On a positive
note, it wasn't very crowded since it was the last day of the
fair. On the other hand, there weren't very many animals left
since all of the judging had already been completed. We did get
to see a few goats (including one that "attacked" me!) He was just
very excited and I must have had a friendly face. I felt bad though
because he was limping a bit after he jumped out of the pen.
One of the highlights for us each year is checking out the crafts
that have been entered. Besides 4-H participants, Mesa County
has an open division, including one for knitting. Lynn always
thinks about entering, but never gets around to it. I may be
biased, but I think she would have easily won this year. There
are a lot of talented folks though and it's always interesting to
see all of their hard work. We managed to see everything before
it got too hot and another Fair season has come and gone.

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Jude said...

I entered my mother's afghan in the Garfield County fair. It was a beautiful afghan, but she "just didn't like it." Sure enough, she won Grand Champion in the needlework division, so now she's planning what to enter next year.