Friday, August 05, 2011

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is big...really big. Ok, it's not a Great Lake-sized lake,
but for the west, it's fairly huge. And blue. And pretty. Headed home
from the Bay Area, we took a different route east from Sacramento and
headed into the Sierra Nevada mountains. A really scenic drive, although
if you get car sick easily, the twists and turns could make you a bit queasy.
Once you come upon the southeast side of the lake, it's overly commercialized
though, with year-round tourism spots vying for your dollar. When you come
to the Nevada state line, it is casinos that tug at your wallet. It was nice to
get to the northeast section of the lake, where it was less commercialized and
more natural, with very tranquil and beautiful views. I'd like to go back to
this area again. The area near the state line...not so much.

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