Monday, August 01, 2011

Mount Shasta

When I was young, we would load up the car and go on vacations.
Usually no place very glamorous. Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky,
Tennessee. Places that were all fairly nearby to our home in Northwest
. To save money, we would take snacks with us. This included
canned pop to have in the motel room at night. Rarely was it one of
the big brands, but usually one of the "store" brands such as Canfield's
or Shasta. I used to look at the Shasta can and imagine that it was in
some far-away glamorous place. It must be pretty important since
they would put it on a pop can! Well, until today, I had never seen
Mount Shasta. It existed only in my young mind. Now that I have seen
it, it didn't disappoint. It's large, snow capped, formidable and truly
worthy of my childhood imagination....

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