Thursday, September 08, 2011

Like a Virgin

Grand Junction Regional Airport is served by six major
airlines. However, Virgin America is not one of them.
Well, not until today that is. Apparently a Virgin America
117 people aboard had to make an emergency landing
very early this morning in Grand Junction after one
of its two engines failed. There weren't any injuries
and everyone was placed in hotels and fed before getting
back on a replacement plane this afternoon. I'm pretty
sure that Virgin America won't be adding GJT to it's
small list of North American airports served anytime in
the near future, so this was kind of a treat to see this
plane in our vicinity.


Nick Jacobs said...

I often fly out of Newark to try to get cheapest airline tickets but this is totally true, the delays there are unbelievable!

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Lee said...

I love flying with Virgin America.