Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Again

Well, we're not really home. That would be our cozy
little house in Grand Junction. However, over the years we've
spent so much time in Antarctica, that our room in Dorm 208 is
our second home. After a couple of weeks for me, and a couple
of months for Lynn, we were finally able to move into our summer
home in Dorm 208 after our Winterover friend Mark left the room
and headed back to civilization. Of course, we have to do a
bit of furniture moving, box moving and general decoration to
make it "ours". It felt good to back in the neighborhood again.
Lynn was in a temporary room during the six weeks of Winfly, and
I joined her when I arrived several weeks ago. No more walking
down the hall to the bathroom since we share a bath with our two
suitemates. We also know most of our neighbors down the hall
since you have to have a fair amount of months with the program
to reside in this dorm. I'm looking forward to settling in.


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