Monday, November 28, 2011

Antarctic Tourism

We were surprised the other day to hear helicopter traffic outside
our window. It was a Sunday and there weren't supposed to be
any helo flights scheduled. It turns out that tourists had arrived
from the Kapitan Khlebnikov tourist ship and were visiting Hut
Point and the historic Hut. If it looks rather dangerous in the
photo, that's because it is! The helicopter and tourists are actually
walking on ice, over fairly deep water that is not as thick as it
should be this time of year. I'm happy to say that everyone had a
safe visit and the helo took off with no incidents.
We get visited in the Ross Sea Region by a couple of cruise ships
every year. When it's convenient, numbers of McMurdo residents
volunteer to lead tours of the town, including the station store,
science facilities, historic sites, etc. It's really the only way to see
McMurdo unless one is a member of the US or NZ Antarctic
programs. Most cruises also cost upwards of $10,000 to take.
It gives one a new appreciation of spending time here and being
able to take in the local attractions.


Jude said...

Hi Tom: This is not as interesting as Antarctic tourists, but I thought you might like to see the Tuba Christmas group in Grand Junction on December 10th. Today we hiked to Rifle Arch because there isn't any snow. Anyway, here's the link to show you downtown Grand Junction last Saturday:

Jude said...

Sorry--that was the wrong link. Here you go:

Jude said...

Okay, you're going to think I'm crazy, but here's the last part of the link, without which you probably won't get to the photos: 72157628437078493/with/6518691291/

'Zmail said...

Very well made photo. I am a pro photographer and I salute your talent. My photo blog is here. Enjoy and have a nice day!

Antarctica Cruise said...

Although photos are amazing. There are couple of people who have enjoyed their mini-vacation in Antarctica. I am not lucky because i have planned to enjoy Christmas in Antarctica. But i could not find cruise line for this tour and miss my wonderful trip.

Luray Caverns Cabin Rentals said...

Tom, not too much info about the Antarctic. This may be because of short time.

Anonymous said...

are you winterovering in McCity?

Antonio from Italy - 4 time on ice

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Sunil Himalaya Hiker said...

I love snow and been to Himalaya and not Antarctica is in my wish list and i am not only one to have that.
Thanks for informative article.

Cruise Ships Antarctica said...

The photo which you describe in your post is very nice. The whole area is covered with the snow. The helicopter is the best option for the travelers to travel in this place.

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