Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meeting Jeanne

Over the years, I've had some folks read my blog regularly
that I don't know. I've shared correspondence with some,
so in a way I've gotten to know them. Other people are
either family or friends that might read my blog because
they either know me or feel obligated..LOL. Jeanne is
kind of a hybrid of both. Jeanne is my friend Susie's
Mom, and she's been following my blog for a number of
years. I have to be totally honest though. She wasn't
reading because she was fascinated with me or what
was going on with my life. She read it to see what was
going on with her daughter, who I would often mention
in my blog posts. Today, I finally got to meet Jeanne,
and she's every bit as nice as her daughter. I hope she
continues to read my blog and I bet the odds are pretty
good that she'll appear in a few future posts.

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