Sunday, June 27, 2010

Palisade Sunday Market

There are a number of Farmer's Markets in the Grand
Valley. Probably most notable is the Grand Junction
Downtown Farmer's Market that happens every Thursday
night. Sometimes though it's nice to visit a smaller,
more intimate market and the small town of Palisade's
Sunday Market
fits that bill. I really enjoyed the much
smaller feel of the market and although it took only a
few minutes to walk through, there were lots of
interesting booths and vendors to visit and there was
very little repetition in products. Like other markets,
a lot of the local businesses were also open and we
had a good time visiting the Blue Pig Gallery where our
friend Christine has been known to have some work
displayed. The whole market is only a couple of
streets long, but combined with a really pretty location
and very friendly people, I'm sure we'll visit again.

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