Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ick Ack Uck

I am sick..and I am really really tired of being sick.
I explained it to someone the other day that I'm too
sick to be at work, but not sick enough to be home.
Does that make sense? It's not the flu. Just this
really bad strain of yuck that's going around. A cold
with headache, cough, congestion, aches, pains, no
energy...and I've had it for over a week now. It never
goes away. About half the station has it and it seems
totally random. One spouse or partner may have it while
the other does not. A whole department may get it while
another isn't affected at all. OK...cold...you are
evicted from my premises!


Peter said...

Get well soon, Tom! I assume that there are medical personnel and a pharmacy where you are stationed?

Pete in Longmont

shooskua said...

I hope you can kick that crud in the arse soon Tom!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon and don´t forget to drink as much as possible

Greetings from sunny freezing Berlin

Lori Murray said...

Get better soon. You need to be healed up for your upcoming travels.