Friday, February 04, 2011


Last year, it was determined that the old Ice Pier
had lived it's life and during the winter and early
summer, a new Ice Pier was constructed. The Ice
Pier is used just like a pier elsewhere in the world,
but it is unique in that it is made entirely...of ice!
It has a dirt covering, but it literally floats on top
of the water. While the new Ice Pier is functioning
well and serving it's purpose, the old Ice Pier is
sitting off to the side while they decide what to do
with it. something bad happened and the
mooring failed. The old Ice Pier started drifting away,
and into the middle of the channel. This is blocking
the Fuel Tanker from leaving. I've heard they are
already moving the pier back into it's old position.
However, where else in the world would something like
this happen? Antarctica is a unique place indeed!

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