Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The First of How Many?

Today, we hit our first 100 degree day of the season.
Yes, we live in the high desert, and yes, it is summer. But we
average only five 100 degree days per summer, and it's only the
end of June. Our hottest months of July and August are still
ahead of us. Luckily it really is a dry heat. That will all change
when the monsoon starts in July. For now, we'll enjoy our
warm days and cool, easy to sleep nights.


Benjamin said...

I'll bet on a dozen. Do you want the over or under?

Unknown said...

I'll take the under, but since I like warm temps, I wouldn't be disappointed if I lost!

IowaMouse said...

Here in Iowa we have had 100 degree days so far, then it drops down to the 60's, now back up to 100 degree days, and then I expect it will go back to the 60's. All with 98% humidity.....oh yeah, WHY do I live here????