Friday, July 29, 2011

Yum...Tillamook Cheese!

We couldn't spend all of our time today at the Sock Summit.
Even knitting gurus like Lynn need a break. Ok, maybe I needed
the break. Regardless, we headed toward the Pacific coast for the
short drive to the small town of Tillamook. I LOVE Tillamook.
Not the town...the cheese! I'm not even sure if you can get it
in the Eastern U.S. or even in the Midwest. I never remember
seeing it growing up, but now I think it's the best commercial-type
cheese you can get in a grocery store. (of course that's just my
opinion, but this is my blog).

The best part (besides tasting) of the tour is watching the production
of the cheese itself. This is the room where they cut the cheese (no
not that!) and wrap it. Today, they were processing my favorites,
Medium Cheddar and Pepper Jack. I don't think that I would like this
job. Having tourists gawk at you all day would be unnerving. I guess
one would get used to it after a while. For some reason, I'm drawn to
factory tours. I think it's because we used to go on them when I was
young. Usually breweries and distilleries for some reason! Funny,
because neither of my parents were drinkers. I think we went to those
because the tours were plentiful, and usually free. Plus, we visited
places like Wisconsin and Kentucky.

Of course, the main reason these factory tours are in existence is to
promote the product and Tillimook Cheese is no exception. A large
room of cheese and cheese related products was easily made available.
Kind of like selling Bibles at the Vatican I suppose. Of course we bit
(pun intended) and bought some to take home. It was on average a
couple bucks cheaper than home and there was a much bigger selection
than at our local Safeway.

Last, but certainly not least of the tour highlights was the fact that
Cheese Curds were available for purchase! I found out later that they
are only for purchase at the factory and not available in stores. I've
never seen curds available outside the Midwest...and now I have! Of
course, they made their way into our cooler as well. After a great
afternoon of cheese, we drove back to Portland, visions of Cheese
Curds dancing in our heads!

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Dave&Kelly said...

You forgot to mention they also have Oregon's best Ice Cream...Chocolate Peanut Butter!!! I hope you both tried some.