Sunday, August 14, 2011

Going Out FOR Business

We drove to Glenwood Springs the other day to see
"Rise of The Planet of The Apes" because it wasn't showing
toward the cinema, I saw this business and their sign. It
bothers me. Why, you ask? Because the human mind
doesn't typically read every word of a sentence. Remember
those studies that list a paragraph of words and every few
words is missing? You can still figure out what the paragraph
is saying anyway. This is kind of like that. I'd bet you a fair
amount of money that most people will not see the "4" on
their sign, go into the store, and think they are getting a
good deal. In reality, the shopper is being tricked into thinking
that the store is going out "of" business. All that is read is
GOING OUT BUSINESS. There was a store in Estes Park
that did the same thing when we lived there. You could stand
outside the store and listen to all the tourists tell each other
that the store was going out "of" business.

Illegal...No. Unethical...Yes!

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