Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lynn's Packing to Go South

Lynn wasn't planning on going South to The Ice this year.
She was an Alternate. Then, out of the blue, she received
a phone call, telling her that she was now the Primary.
Plus, she would be going down at Winfly, not Mainbody.
This means that she'll be leaving for orientation in
Denver on August 21st and headed for New Zealand on
August 23rd, with a on-Ice date of August 27th. Each
person is allowed 140 pounds of luggage. Usually it's not
hard to come under the weight limit, but sometimes it's
hard to fit everything in the bags. We've solved that
problem by getting space bags that remove all the air
and gives you a compact bag to place inside your bags.
Here's Lynn demonstrating the procedure.

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